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Our Key Differentiators

Valuable guidance in achieving career objectives and fulfilling your aspirations. We understand the importance of having guidance and mentorship to get through the process; We Provide Workshops on Personal Development, Communication Skills, Planning / Organization, and Self-management which is a part of our Training Curriculum.

We also provide you with the necessary career tools to give you a competitive advantage in your career search. Along with Resume and Interview Preparation as well as Job Search Assistance and Recruiter Help.

What Our Students Say

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    I had the opportunity to enroll in the Goodwill University SQL Course. My SQL Instructor was Tim Stephens, and his teaching was very descriptive and helpful. In the course, I learned how to write query statements, create tables, insert data, and much more. Goodwill University’s SQL class provided me the opportunity to learn a new database language skill. SQL is the basics of structured and unstructured languages that I can use across all database servers. I also had the opportunity to work in a Cohort with the Systems Analyst and Developers to design and implement a website for Carolina Softech. I will continue to use the basic and technical skills that I acquired through the SQL class to help me propel to my next endeavor. Thank you Tim Stephens, Goodwill University and Carolina Softech!

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    The 12-week IT program with Goodwill in collaboration with Carolina Softech, I was able to confidently gain skills with SQL Server. I can now apply what I have learned in the classroom to the workplace that will help businesses develop and grow.

    Shiyana Bellamy
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    The past 12 weeks I have had the opportunity to learn a new digital skill that is helping me to realize my dream of working in the IT field. My course instructor, Matt Aftimos, was so supportive and encouraging throughout the length of the course. I’ve learned how web applications work from client side to server side; I’ve learned how to design a website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript all of which has completely changed the way I view websites and mobile applications. Thanks to the unique virtual learning course offered through the partnership of Carolina Softech and Goodwill University, I am empowered to move forward as a Junior Full Stack Developer.

  • The program was a blend of interactive learning, broad curriculum, and hands-on group working sessions with students of diverse disciplines and interests. It closely mirrored and simulated a real-world work environment where our teams consisted of Quality Assurance / System Analyst, Developers, Database Administrators, and the Project Managers. Having team members with varied skills and background helped improve the need to collaborate, promoted peer-learning, and collectively complete course / project deliverables with a robust quality / product outcome.

    The industry expertise and practical approach of the trainers created a very engaging and inclusive educational program and internship with the right mix of theory, hands-on training, and anecdotes. The hybrid feature of the program covered SDLC (Software Development Lifecycle), Agile, Web Development, SQL, Java, and Automation Tool (Selenium). Training to become an Automation Engineer will not only help me with my career and professional development, but equally enhance my ability to provide enterprise value to organizations and community at large.

    Antonia Aghimien
  • The Business Analyst class taught by Carolina Softech via Goodwill University was energetic and informative. The information that was taught is usually learned in two semesters of a regular college computer course and the instructors were able to collaborate and organize everything into a 4-month time frame. The instructors were hands-on, dedicated, and very knowledgeable of the information that was taught to the groups. They provided the class with not only realistic and up-to-date knowledge of the subjects but also professionalism and the mentality needed for an actual position in the Business Analyst field. With the challenges of the class being all on-line, there were normal technical issues and some miscommunicated occurrences, but nothing that couldn’t be fixed or prevented the students from learning what was needed.

    As someone who has never taken a computer class before, I learned more than I expected out of this class. I appreciate all that Carolina Softech has taught me and I am encouraged to continue my education in the computer field so that I may improve my career opportunities. Thank you Carolina Softech and Goodwill!

    Lorpu Dunbar
  • My experience learning with Carolina Softech has been a great one. This is my first foray into any formal IT training, and it has been incredibly informative not just technical but the business side and processes. The instructors are really encouraging and thorough, I really appreciate the fact that regardless of your experience in the field they make sure that you comprehend the material. The learning in combination with the hands-on training approach of course made the information learned really concrete. I have nothing but positive things to say of the course, instructors, and its coaches.

    Jaime Castillo
  • The System Analyst course offered through Goodwill University and taught by Carolina Softech has been a great and unique experience. Even though I have over 15 years of experience in Information Technology, I have not been required to use specific business documents, plans or templates. The course has taught me the correct documentations, processes, requirements, scrum and agile methods related to Business Analyst, Quality Automation Tester, and System Analyst. The instructors applied the curriculum to the real-world experience while challenging and guiding us through the scenarios, classes, and homework assignments. I am glad that I had the opportunity to take this course to prepare for the future Business and System Analyst roles.

    Aja J. Grant