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Let's Work Together and Exlore Opportunities

Skill development for the Information Technology Industry with approach is the goal at Carolina Softech. Skills at Carolina Softech means those skills required not only for acquiring jobs but also help budding professionals to lay a strong foundation and manage a better career path for a bright future.

  • Improving Employability Skills

    We understand the importance of having a guidance and mentorship to get through the process; we provide help with Resume and Interview Preparation as well as Job Search Assistance and Recruiter Help.

    Interview Preparation Assistance: We offer mock interviews sessions a number of times which helps build your confidence to face the client interviews. Interview questions are available to help you prepare the answers and get ready to take the interviews.

    Placement/Marketing Assistance: WWe provide professional recruitment and staffing services to match our trainees with the job pools to provide the best placements.

    We Provide Workshops on Personal Development, Communication Skills, Planning / Organization and Self-management which is a part of our Training Curriculum.