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ETL Testing

  • What is ETL Testing

    ETL stands for Extract-Transform-Load. ETL testing is done to ensure that the data has been loaded from a source to the destination after transformation is accurate. It also involves the verification of data at various stages that are being used between source and destination. ETL can transform dissimilar data sets into a unified structure

    Why is ETL Testing important?

    Today’s businesses have to work with data in multiple formats extracted from multiple sources. All this makes ETL testing all the important. The extracting, transforming, and loading of data has to be verified and any anomalies found have to be fixed. Thus there is a need for testers in ETL and Data Warehouse domains. This training can help you learn ETL testing and equips you to take up good jobs in some of the biggest companies in the world.


    • Consolidates data from multiple sources and transforms it into a useful format.
    • 200 K Companies Require ETL Testers
    • 80% increase in ETL Tester Jobs since 2017

    Length: Approx. 6-8 weeks
    Audience: Students with testing experience or knowledge. Basic knowledge of SQL concepts can be helpful.
    Student Location: – In class or online